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Commercial Saline Chlorination

Commercial Saline Chlorination

Converting your swimming pool to a CHLOR SM saline-based chlorination system is a wise move. Saline chlorination utilizes technology, rather than using traditional chlorine, to sanitize your swimming pool water. It’s a safer, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. ChlorKing®’s patented system is simple, easy to use, and will provide years of trouble-free operation ensuring your pool water remains well sanitized and sparkling clear.

ChlorKing offers three unique salt chlorination systems to fit any commercial pool or spa:

  1. The MINI-reverse polarity series offers a compact water-cooled power supply for low maintenance and is available in three different models up to 5 lbs per day.
  2. The CHLOR-reverse polarity series offers a water-cooled power supply for low maintenance and is available from 7.5 to 25 lbs per day.
  3. The CLASSIC-forward polarity series offers a more cost-effective solution, featuring a water-cooled power supply, and is designed for facilities or operators able to provide a low level of maintenance required to the clean the cell on a weekly basis. A lower price makes this series specifically attractive for pool management companies or owner/operator facilities. Sizes range from 5 to 25 lbs per day in this series.

All models also feature ChlorKing’s toroidal salinity control system that monitors the saline level in your pool 24/7 and automatically adds salt to maintain your water’s saline levels with no need for operator testing.

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