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NEX-GEN On-Site Chlorine Generators

NEX-GEN On-Site Chlorine Generators

ChlorKing® NEX-GENpH chlorine generator systems are designed specifically for commercial swimming pools and water parks. Ranging in sizes to produce 5 – 80 lbs per day, their unique design, simplicity and ease-of-use make them the most viable alternative to traditional chlorine available on the market today.

On-site production of chlorine as a solution of sodium hypochlorite alleviates unnecessary risks associated with bulk chlorine and puts an end to ever increasing chlorine prices and storage issues. The only raw material, salt, is an inert, safe compound that is stored in a feeder on-site and used as required by the chlorine generator. Pool water becomes the raw material for production, instead of fresh water and water softeners. NEXGEN systems produce pH-neutral chlorine for a more stable, effective chlorine to treat your swimming pool or water park.

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